Tissue Poppies

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    Tisue Poppies - Materials Needed

    Tissue Paper, Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, Circle Tracer, Pen

    Tisue Poppies - Step 1

    With about 10 layers of tissue, trace a circle onto the red tissue.

    Tisue Poppies - Step 2

    Cut out circles with scissors.

    Tisue Poppies - Step 3

    Trace smaller circles onto black paper. Cut with scissors (or you can use a circle punch!)

    Tisue Poppies - Step 2

    Now you have the outer & inner parts for the poppies.

    Tisue Poppies - Step 3

    Poke a hole in the middle of the tissue circles and feed a pipe cleaner through it to form the stem.

    Tisue Poppies - Step 2

    Bend down the tip of the pipe cleaner to form a hook. This will keep the pipe cleaner in place.

    Tisue Poppies - Step 3

    Layer by layer, spread and ruffle the tissue to create the petals.

    Tisue Poppies - Step 4

    Fluff layers until the poppies shape is formed to your liking!