Pinwheel Bows

    Pinwheel Bow - Materials Needed

    Wrapping Paper, Glue Dots, Button, and Scissors

    Pinwheel Bow - Step 1

    Cut down a piece of wrapping paper to 6x6" square

    Pinwheel Bow - Step 2

    Cut diagonal lines across your square to join up the corners.

    Pinwheel Bow - Step 3

    Place a glue dot in center of square.

    Pinwheel Bow - Step 4

    Fold one corner of the square into the center, sticking it to the glue dot to adhere.

    Pinwheel Bow - Step 5

    Continue with other 2 corners until all 4 meet in the middle forming a pinwheel.

    Pinwheel Bow - Step 6

    Place another glue dot on underside of button and place in center of pinwheel to finish up.