Fancy Bow

    Fancy Bow - Supplies Needed

    Wired Ribbon, Scissors, Curling Ribbon or String

    Fancy Bow - Step 1

    Make a loop of ribbon as big as you would like your bow to be. Ours is about 6".

    Fancy Bow - Step 2

    Loop the ribbon around at least 6 times. The more layers, the fuller the bow will be.

    Fancy Bow - Step 3

    Pinch with fingers in the middle and make a 1/2" cut in the side.

    Fancy Bow - Step 4

    Repeat on other side.

    Fancy Bow - Step 5

    Tie a piece of sting around the loop and secure through cuts to hold in place.

    Fancy Bow - Step 6

    Star pulling the loops out and twist to have them stay in place.

    Fancy Bow - Step 7

    Continue until a full bow is formed - adjusting as you go to fluff it.

    Fancy Bow - Step 8

    Secure to package!

    * Featuring: Wired Summit Ribbon