Gift Stores

    Nothing makes someone feel appreciated more than a gift, that’s why S. Walter Packaging believes the gift’s presentation is as important as the thought itself. Whether it’s gift boxes, gift cards or gift wrap—S. Walter Packaging can help your gift shop create a beautiful coordinated packaging presentation.

    The Gift Shop Industry uses many packaging elements for their stores, whether it be for the retail counter, gift wrapping area, or for packaging and shipping mail ordered items. Each element is uniquely branded, developed with its purpose in mind, and works as a walking billboard.

    Reengineering packaging is a service we offer to our customers. Charmed by Claire is a customer that wanted a new look! These white plastic totes are enhanced with an elegant leaf design, bold purple gussets and a soft lavendar rope handle.

    This plastic bag is soft to the touch and coordinates beautifully with tissue in any shade of purple. Three bag sizes make up this pretty collection.

    Pennsylvania General Store has a variety of printed gift and candy boxes, each with a different design. These boxes also have printed ribbon to coordinate.

    Thomas Sweets' packaging is a great example of a plain shopping bag, jazzed up with simple artwork. The logo also looks great printed on this brown candy assortment box.

    Two stores, one bag! Fun Easy Apparel and Garden Specialties has a design for each side of bag. The pattern in the side gussets pull the two sides together!

    Die Cut Merchandise bags are the practical way to carry your store’s purchases and showcase your brand! Helping Hands uses two bags with side gusset in a different color that adds a customized element!